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How To Style Your Trainers With Any Outfit

Back in the day, training shoes were only worn for sport and exercise, but in 2021, they are worn for almost any occasion. Sneakers are now so integral with fashion and popular culture, that some designs are specifically for casualwear only, rather than athletic activity. Here’s a few ways to make your trainers work with just about anything!


Style them with a suit

Both men and women now regularly team suits and trainers, whether they are politicians, pop stars, or just on the way to the office. It might look like the easiest outfit in the world to pull off, but to get it right, there’s a few points to bear in mind. Firstly, timeless designs in just one or two colours tend to look better with a suit than chunky neon patterned shoes.

The easy-going image of the trainer should be teamed with a well-fitting suit in a contrasting colour; white trainers with a navy suit can look super chic and yet casual and understated, for example. In summer, wearing a pair of no-show socks or liners will be the first choice for women, and this look also works well for some men, too.


How to rock trainers for a night out

Not so long ago, clubs would turn away customers in trainers, but now the no-sportswear rule is less frequently applied, especially if you are outside central London. For women who dislike walking or dancing in high heels, this is a very welcome trend! No more carrying a pair of flip-flops around for that late-night limp to the taxi-rank.

We can thank Lily Allen for popularising the trainer/dress combo way back in 2006, when she burst onto the pop scene with her irresistible hit song Smile. While you don’t have to wear a full-on layered prom dress and chunky sneakers (unless you want too, of course), there’s lots of ways to make the combo work brilliantly.

Another classic Allen outfit was the vintage tea dress look, which finishes at mid-calf level, combined with box-fresh white Reeboks and plenty of chunky gold jewellery. Her other go-to brands include Nike high-tops which work well with shorter skirts. More formal tailored dresses don’t work as well with sneakers, so stick to more laid-back fun styles.

If you want to smarten the whole ensemble up a little, choose a monochrome colour scheme, so you look a bit more ‘pulled together’, and go for simple understated trainers with a retro vibe, such as Stan Smiths. This look also lends itself to adding interesting stylish accessories such as belts and bags.

For men, white trainers coupled with dark slim fit jeans can look smart yet dressed down. If you don’t want your pristine white trainers scuffed up on a hectic night out, black or navy can look just as good. Dark trainers are more likely to get you past any picky doormen too, who may be suspicious of conspicuous branded sportswear.


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