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NEW! Verified Authentic

Trust is a five letter word which we take very seriously. Authenticity in both our products and our people is the fundamental foundation of our business. That’s why we are taking steps to ensure you feel safe and secure shopping with us, now and always.
What is the ‘Verified Authentic’ sticker about?
You may find a green sticker on your sneaker box (image below). In 2019 we launched an industry leading initiative whereby our inhouse sneaker veteran connoisseurs, with their unparalleled expertise, training and experience, conduct a proprietary multi-point verification process ensuring all items are authentic and unworn. They check everything from point of product acquisition and relevant supporting documentation, to colour, certification, imagery and industry advice and other proprietary processes for your ultimate piece of mind.
I received my product without the sticker, what should I do?
There is rarely anything to be concerned about in this case. Our authenticators verify and examine products multiple times. Once on arrival, second during the picking process after an order has been placed, and finally again during postage and packing before dispatch. It is only at the postage and packing stage that the sneaker box qualifies for the green ‘Verified’ sticker. We maintain inspection paperwork at every stage, so there may be no need to ship the item back to us, as we can often clear any concerns by looking up the relevant documentation and sign offs. Foot World does however take each of your concerns very seriously. We want you to have a consumer centric and customer service rich shopping experience with us, and we are happy to review any claims about authenticity, so please feel free to reach out.
My product had the sticker but wasn’t in it’s original box, why?
Sometimes shoe boxes can get very badly damaged in transit, or storage. In the interests of customer service and presentation standards - as even the manufacturers have been known to do in these cases - we will re-box the shoe in another box of acceptable condition. We will replace the details on the box with the original label relating to the footwear. In these instances, the company’s Senior Operations Manager is required to be involved in an additional 10-point verification check before the item can be official signed off and can adorn the ‘Verified’ sticker.
All items purchased at are guaranteed authentic and unworn.
For further information, or if you have any questions or concerns about this initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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