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What To Wear In This Year’s Big Running Events

As January draws towards its end, the sheep are definitely being sorted from the goats when it comes to personal fitness.

On the one hand, it is one of the most common New Year resolutions to lose weight, burning off the excess weight piled on in 2022 and especially over Christmas. Many pledge to go further and get seriously fit.

Thus it is that many try to change their diet, cut out alcohol via the Dry January challenge, join a gym and put on some running shoes to go jogging. But by the end of the month many will have given up the gym, decided all too often it is too cold to run and have made plans to end Dry January with a boozy February 1st trip to the pub.

Others, however, will be showing their true colours in February. They will still be out running, hitting the gym, investing in footwear and also planning ahead, with several major running events coming up.

Whether it is the London Marathon in April, the Great Manchester Run in May, September’s Great North Run or any other big event, this could be the time to invest in some rare trainers to do it in style

After all, being a serious runner is not just about keeping going when others give up. It is about thinking seriously about what to wear. And while some are focused on their themed outfits (especially charity runners), there may be very good reasons to have something exceptional on your feet too, as a celebration of your love of running and determination when the going gets tough. 

Whether it is one of the major running events with thousands of participants and a field headed by superstars, or a smaller, local event, you should give your feet a treat and stand out from the rest. After all, because you have kept up your training through January and into February, you are already way ahead of those who gave up and can only watch on from the sidelines.

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