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Air Force 1s… Forever A Favourite!

There's a huge range of sneakers available today. So many brands have created their own styles and silhouettes and there is quite literally something on the market for everyone.

But one shoe has remained a firm favourite throughout the years. While there have been many colours, styles and variations of the shoe, Air Force 1s have continued to be both a staple and a classic.

No matter who you are, it's likely you have seen the shoe, probably even owned it. Trendy, versatile and with a range that means they can match any outfit, the Air Force 1 is a favourite among many. 

Originally produced in 1982 only to be discontinued in 1984, the shoe made a comeback in 1986 and has remained firmly on our feet since then. 

Little has changed in terms of design since the original was produced, showing it has withstood the test of time as our feet's favourite companions. 

Fashionable and functional, AF1s are worn by professional basketball players and streetwear enthusiasts alike. Rapper Nelly even entitled a song after the shoe, showing the love for this sneaker has spread far and wide. 

The most popular variation of the shoe is the all-white (white on white) colourway that is effortless, stylish and loved by everyone. There is also an all-black version that is just as well loved. 

With so many different colourways available, it would probably be hard to pick a singular favourite. Air Force has options available for everyone. Whether you want something plain and wearable, colourful and bright or even metallic and shiny there is bound to be something out there.

It isn’t hard to see why the shoe is so loved, it's not only trendy but functional and super comfortable. It’s safe to say that AF1s aren’t going out of style anytime soon!

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