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Be Inspired By The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham provided plenty of great memories, moments of sporting excellence and more than the odd surprise - not least the revelation in the opening ceremony that Duran Duran are still a thing.

Now the Games are over, the question of ‘legacy’ is often mentioned. The venues used for the event were mostly pre-existing, with Alexander Stadium being a dedicated athletics venue unlike the current or future football stadiums used in Manchester 2002, the London Olympics or the Glasgow Games of 2014, but there is also the matter of the city’s enhanced image and profile.

However, a big question is always whether the Games will get more youngsters or even adults to take up the sports they have been watching on TV. To do so, getting the right footwear is the most important thing to do. After all, if you want to run well, getting sore feet or shins will only hamper you.

Nike Tunes 1 Kids trainers are a good example of the kind of footwear that youngsters should use if they are to make their mark when they get running. Good equipment will not only prevent injury, but help each runner to maximise their natural performance, so they can then take the next step and improve on to technical fine tuning to improve.

Right now, there should be plenty of great role models to think of. For instance, English fans will have been thrilled to see the men win the 4 x 100 relay and Katarina Johnson-Thomson’s Heptathlon triumph, while Scots can be inspired by Eilish McColgan, who emulated her mother Liz in becoming the 10,000 metre champion and Laura Muir’s 1,500 metre victory

Of course, the Athletics was just part of the sporting scene that ranged from beach volleyball to lawn bowls, rhythmic gymnastics to cricket. But after a great ten days of competition, many will be keen to get out there and see just how good they can be.

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