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Charities Launch New Fitness Challenge After London Marathon Cancellation

The Virgin Money London Marathon is a huge spectacle every year, but more than that it’s a valuable opportunity for charities across the UK and beyond to raise thousands of pounds in valuable funding.
In 2019, the Virgin Money London Marathon raised more than £66.4 million for thousands of charities, so it’s easy to see what a gaping hole the event’s cancellation has left for many charitable organisations.
Of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event has been cancelled. As a result, a new challenge has been launched to help fill some of this funding gap: the 2.6 Challenge.
The concept is very simple, anyone who wants to take part just needs to do an activity that involves the number 2.6, or 26. Among the suggestions made on the official website are to run or swim 2.6 miles, or to host an online workout session with 26 of your friends.
You could get even more creative, such as by attempting 26 press ups with your dog on your back - now that would make a great video for social media!
If you want to really commit to the cause, you could of course run 26 miles from your home (although we’d only recommend this if you’ve carried out the required marathon training).
You can either fundraise through your chosen 2.6 activity, or you can simply make a donation, with or without completing some kind of physical challenge, although we think the personal challenge is great fun and a good excuse to get active during lockdown.
Anyone who participates is also being asked to share their challenge across social media using the hashtag #TwoPointSixChallenge.
The British Heart Foundation is just one of the many charities that’s backing the 2.6 Challenge. The charity has come up with some inventive ideas of how you could get involved too. Among its suggestions are to run your 2.6 miles in fancy dress, or to channel your inner Michael Jordan and slam dunk a ball 26 times in a row.
If you’re not sure you’re that accurate with a basketball, you could instead see how many slam dunks you can get in 2.6 minutes. If either of these are challenges you and the kids might take on, make sure you do it in style. You could even reward your youngsters with Jordan retro trainers if they’re successful with their challenge.
There are some heart-warming stories from all over the country about how people are getting involved in the 2.6 Challenge too. For example, the Chichester Observer reported that 70 year old Paul Sedgwick from Felpham will dig out a 2.6 metre by 2.6 metre area of his allotment in four hours.
He told the news provider: “This challenge will be an incentive for me to get on with a job that needs doing, whilst at the same time raising some money.”
Initially Paul aimed to raise £260 for charity Chestnut Tree House, a local hospice, but since he’s already exceeded that target he’s increased the amount he wants to raise to £520.

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