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Hollywood Is Calling! Nikes Take To The Silver Screen!

If you are looking for rare Nike trainers, you may be interested in those worn by sports stars like Michael Jordan, or a famous footballer. These people have their own high public profile and no lack of publicity to begin with, but some may be given even more.

This could never be truer than Hollywood actually making a film about Michael Jordan’s partnership with Nike - and that is exactly what has happened as Air takes to the screens. If you are a big Nike fan, you can’t miss it.

Taking its title from the Nike Air range that Jordan did so much to promote, it focuses on the partnership that made the sneaker manufacturer the giant that it is today, when salesman Sonny Vaccaro led the pursuit of the basketball legend in the mid-1980s when he was a rising star.

It stars Ben Affleck (who also directs the film) as Nike founder Phil Knight, Matt Damon as Vaccaro, Chris Tucker as Nike executive Howard White and Jason Bateman as the inventor of the Air Jordan line Rob Strasser. Damian Delano Young plays Michael Jordan, while Viola Davis plays his mother Deloris.

The film is described in the New York Times review as a production that “nicely hits the sweet spot between light comedy and lighter drama that’s tough to get right.”

Hailing the role of Damon in carrying forth the humour, it added: “It’s funny, but its generous laughs tend to be low-key and are more often dependent on their delivery than on the actual writing.”

However, for Nike fans the interest may be a lot less in the quality of the humour, or even of the big names on screen, than the subject matter, giving the Nike Air Jordan range and other shoes made by the firm increased publicity and providing a reminder of the key role this particular partnership played in making Nike one of the leaders in the industry.

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