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How To Choose Basketball Shoes

The weather’s picking up and the next few weeks look blessed with lots of delightful sunshine - perfect timing since lockdown restrictions have been eased somewhat and we’re now allowed out for unlimited exercise.

If you’ve been missing the basketball courts a lot over the last couple of months, you’re sure to want to get back out there as soon as possible - but first you should perhaps treat yourself to the perfect pair of basketball shoes before you do, the very best way to really mark the occasion.

Before you can buy the perfect pair of shoes, however, you need to analyse your game and the way you play as this will inform the kind of shoe you need, one that will help you really play your very best basketball each time you’re on the court.

Do you focus on agility and speed, for example? Or are you all about aggression and power? You need to make sure that the shoe you choose helps you, rather than hinders you and each part of a basketball shoe has different qualities that could impact your performance.

Shoes have upper sections that come in either high, mid or low heights and it depends on the style of player you are as to which would be best. If you need more support and stability, go for a high upper section, whereas if you need speed and agility, a low upper section would be better because they have less ankle support.

You need to pay close attention to the outsole of your basketball shoe, as well, since this will help you with balance. Look out for something flat and wide to give you more stability, while something with a herringbone pattern on the bottom can help with grip.

The position you play will also inform your decisions regarding shoe purchases. If you’re a guard, go for a low-top shoe as you’ll find yourself able to move more freely around the court. Forwards, meanwhile, would perhaps do better with a high-top with some extra weight, giving you more coverage and support.

You might not think it but it is very important that you choose the right shoe for you, as they can help you do well on the court while reducing the chances of foot and ankle injuries at the same time.

Don’t guess what size feet you are - always go and have your measurements taken professionally so you know you’ll end up with the right shoe size and so you know if you’ll need something with a narrow or wide fit.

Aesthetics will come into it a little bit, but don’t be swayed by the look of a shoe over how it fits and feels, otherwise your game might suffer - even if your feet look good.

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