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How To Keep Your White Trainers White

There’s nothing better than getting a brand-new pair of bright white trainers and heading out and about in the sunshine, feeling stylish and the envy of all. But, as anyone with a penchant for white shoes will no doubt already know, the colour doesn’t stay bright for very long and before you know it, you’re wandering around in a pair of grey shoes instead.
White trainers will always look effortlessly stylish, but they show dirt up very quickly and easily - especially if you find yourself caught out by the weather. But with a little bit of TLC, there’s no reason why your new trainers can’t carry on looking box-fresh for as long as possible.
Firstly, before you even leave the house, make sure that you use some kind of water-repellent spray protection to keep your trainers safe from all that nasty dirty and moisture that will cause damage and stain the shoes. Give them a good spray 24 hours before you’re due to leave the house, so the product has a change to permeate the material.
When you’re home again, make sure you take a little time to give your shoes a quick clean. This doesn’t have to be a particularly deep clean but if you start as you mean to go on, you won’t have to worry about your trainers looking old before their time. Use a hard toothbrush on leather and a softer one on suede or canvas shoes, then give them a gentle wipe down.
People often forget about their shoelaces when it comes to trainer care, but these are very easy to clean and can be done in a jiffy - just unlace your shoes and pop them in the washing machine on a white wash. Job done!
What you shouldn’t do, no matter how tempting it may seem, is put your trainers in the washing machine, as well. You can easily damage the stitching on the shoes if you do, as well as discolour the rubber because of the heat from the appliance. But if you really have to do it, just make sure you use the lowest temperature setting and put it on a gentle cycle.
Another hot tip from the Footworld team is to always keep the box your trainers came in when you first bought them. This will make it far easier to keep them in good condition as you can store them away when you’re not wearing them, protecting them from dust and dirt from other shoes.
If you’re something of a trainer fiend, keep the boxes for all your shoes to make them easier to stack and store - ensuring that they all live a long, happy, healthy life… while keeping your bedroom or shoe store tidy and organised.
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