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Men’s Sneakers For Every Occasion

They’re more associated with sports and streetwear fashion, but sneakers can have much more potential and can be part of elegant and classic styling. We have a look at what styles of sneakers should be in every well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

The wide variety ion men’s sneakers can allow you to really play around with trends and your image. From classic styles to original designs, you will be able to present yourself in a different outfit every day, realising that there are sneakers for every occasion while feeling comfortable and fashionable.
Sneakers, on the whole, are about being casual and comfortable, and while loved by sports style lovers, they are universally adored by fashion followers too. The popularity of sneakers means that there is an ever-growing range of choices when it comes to styles and how they can be matched with different outfits.
Classic sports shoes are usually white, making them perfect to pair with summer shorts and a t-shirt, or with a suit, jeans, or casual slacks in the autumn. Colourful inserts and motifs can look bright and rich, making it easier to match accessories and the rest of your closet.
Look for shoes made of grain or suede leather to ensure high comfort and that they will last you for years.
Lace-up sneakers
Brogues are a popular choice of shoe, which were reserved only for formal fashion until recently. Bridge style sneakers are a combination of the classic shoe with a sporty, modern twist that works well with jeans and a t-shirt of a matching colour.
They are probably best avoided for formal events and evening suits, but due to their comfort and elegance, brogue-style sneakers are ideal for workwear.
The boldest styles combine contrasting colours, such as black and red, or two types of materials, such as natural leather with tweed inserts. There are also models with patent leather and a rubber sole, combining streetwear ease with classic elegance.
The elegant face of men’s sneakers
For the perfect compromise between formal and sporty fashion, the monk style sneaker is a timeless cut that has been experiencing a renaissance, and their growing popularity means they will be seen with a range of different outfits.
Their sporty cut will add lightness to your image while making you look extremely elegant. When choosing sports monks, always go for models made of natural leather, preferably in shades of brown, beige and cognac. The rubber sole will ensure comfort and freedom of movement. You can wear them both for a romantic walk and an evening out with friends.
The devil is most certainly in the details for this style. The decorative straps and buckles will contrast with the rubber sole. Pair a light brown model with a navy blue suit and a dark polka dot tie. The style also looks great with khaki-coloured pants.
It is also worth taking care of matching accessories, for example, a belt and a watch in similar colours, or stylish sunglasses. This combination is very fashionable and at the same time adds a touch of feisty elegance.
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