Nike Announces Spotify Collab To Get Girls Moving

Nike Announces Spotify Collab To Get Girls Moving

Did you know that as many as four-fifths of girls don’t feel like they’re involved in sport, despite the hype over women’s football and female athletes over the last few years?

That is why Nike has decided to join forces with Spotfiy to encourage more females in England to get active, not only boosting their physical health but improving their mental health too. 

The Make Moves Fund is a social impact-led campaign to motivate young women to take part in sport or exercise.

It will provide grants of £20,000 to community groups around the UK to launch programmes designed for girls that combine movement with something all teenagers can get into, music. 

As Nike explains: “[Music] creates the space to find freedom through expression and joy in community.”

“So, to get girls moving, we’re reimagining sport through their eyes,” it adds. 

London-based girl group FLO is behind the initiative, believing that dance and music can be empowering to young women.

According to the band it enables you to “leave everything else behind and just be confident”. 

Others that have thrown themselves behind the collaboration include Nike dancer Joelle D’Fontaine, teen girls nominated by Black Girl Frest, and Gurls Talk mental wellbeing expert Ciara Dockery. 

Organisations that want to inspire girls in their area to get moving through music have until November 30th to apply for the fund

Of course, this isn’t the only momentous collaboration Nike has been involved in, as the sports brand teamed up with the likes of basketball player Michael Jordan for the Nike Air Jordan 1 in the ‘80s. 

It also created the Nike Air Mag for Back to the Future Part II; joined forces with Andre Agassi with the Nike Air Tech Challenge II; and designed the Nike Shox Glamour for Serena Williams, which are just a few of its unions. 

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