Nike Releases New AF1 Brogue Hybrid

Nike Releases New AF1 Brogue Hybrid

Nike isn’t short of a few fans, which is why its new Air Force 1 Brogue sneakers are bound to sell like hot cakes. 

Since AF1’s launch in 1982, they have become one of the most iconic trainers of all time, and Nike has teamed up with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co for new versions of the sneaker in the past. 

Its latest shoe, a hybrid between trainers and brogues, is expected to be just as popular as these collaborations, allowing people to wear them both to work and for leisure. 

AF1 Brogues - The Look

So, how did Nike pull this off? Creating a sneaker that wouldn’t look out of place in the boardroom is no easy feat, but once again, Nike has achieved the impossible. 

The sneaker has the classic look of a trainer, but its added details make it that much smarter.

For instance, it features perforations on the lateral and medial sidewalls, serrated edges around the laces, and slim waxed laces. Here you’ll also find a brush steel dubrae making them look a little more luxurious. 

The subtle colours of off-white and brown add a retro vibe to the trainer, while the plaid pattern on the heel isn’t too dissimilar to Burbery’s classic look, elevating it to designer levels. 

The shoes themselves are a cream leather, and there’s a brown leather tag stitched into the tongue. Reminding everyone these brogues are, indeed, sneakers, there’s ‘Nike Air’ logo on the tag and more branding on the heel badge.

For a more subtle look, however, it has left its infamous Nike tick the same off-white colour as the rest of the shoe. 

How do they feel?

The thing that will really help these AF1s sell out is how comfortable they are. The beige midsole is infused with Air Tech, which means they are incredibly cushioned. 

So whether you’re catching up with friends, attending a meeting or planning to hit the basketball court, you’ll be as comfortable as possible. 

When will they be released?

Therefore, it’s not surprising that fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the AF1 Brogues as soon as they can. 

The shoes are expected to be released later this season, so they won’t have to wait long, and they could even make fantastic Christmas gifts if you know someone who would love the hybrid sneaker. 

Those who can’t wait for the latest release can choose from Nike’s huge collection of AF1 sneakers in the meantime. 

In fact, there are over 2,000 versions of the AF1 so you’ll never be short of choice. 

You could choose the original mesh sidewall model that came out in the early ‘80s, a smarter leather midsole from 2004, or a zippered upper shoe released in 2015. 

For its 35th anniversary in 2017, there were five collaborations on the classic white-on-white AF1 designs. 

This included the limited edition Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton and AF1 collaboration, which, unsurprisingly, featured the designer brand’s classic brown and beige print. These shoes were so popular, they have even become collector’s items! 

It’s not known whether the AF1 Brogues will be collectors’ favourites in years to come, but sneaker fans could find getting hold of them is as good an investment choice as it is a fashion one. 

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