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Sneaker Care 101: How To Keep Your Sneaks Sparkling

Having a clean, fresh pair of sneakers can make any outfit 100 times better and it is very simple and easy to ensure your sneakers stay sparkly clean at home. There's no need for fancy cleaners or solutions, just some care and upkeep can keep them spotlessly clean.

First, make sure you know what material your sneakers are made from. Different fabrics require different care and maintenance and therefore the steps you take to keep them clean will vary.

For example, leather or suede materials will need more gentle cleaning and may require treatments to maintain the quality of the fabric over other materials such as canvas or mesh.

Before cleaning your sneakers, ensure you remove all excess dirt and debris. You can use a soft bristle brush or even a toothbrush for this step. This will help to loosen any dirt or mud and gently remove it without damaging the shoe and make cleaning it much quicker and easier.

Hand washing your shoes is the best way to ensure they stay in great shape and do not become damaged.

While you can wash shoes in the washing machine, it is not recommended as it can cause them to become misshapen, can tear or break the shoe and may even cause the shoe to fall apart.

Handwashing ensures you have complete control over which parts of the shoe get wet, come into contact with cleaning solutions as well as being much safer and gentler.

Using a mild detergent, such as a clothing detergent, and a soft brush or sponge, you can gently scrub any stains out of the show. You should avoid fully submerging the shoe in water for extended periods of time and instead work on one area at a time.

Once you have removed all stains, rinse your sneakers with clean water and ensure all the soaps and detergents used have been thoroughly rinsed out and no residue is left behind.

If you have particularly stubborn stains, using a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to work the stain out is a great solution which prevents you from having to use strong cleaning products such as bleach on the shoe which can cause damage.

Oil-based stains may be more difficult to remove, however, there are many different cleaners on the market which can help to remove tough oil stains without damaging the integrity of the shoe as well.

Washing up liquid may be a good option for oil stains as it works as a degreaser, however, you should only use a small amount as it can be damaging to some materials.

When drying your sneakers, put newspapers or paper towels inside the shoe to pad it out. Not only does this help it to dry faster, but it also stops the shoe from becoming misshapen as it dries.

You should avoid using heat when drying your shoes and instead let them air dry. Heat may warm the fabric and change the way it fits your foot by either stretching or shrinking the shoe.


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