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Sports To Keep Kids Busy This Half-Term

Lots of parents sign kids up for tennis club during the summer or sailing for the spring holiday, but once the weather begins to get colder, we struggle to think of many sports to get our kids involved in.

According to the NHS, youngsters between five and 18 should spend an hour doing moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. That’s why we’ve put together some physical activities for children to do during the October half-term.


  • Football

Football is a sport that Brits love to play come rain or shine, so if it’s a bit soggy this holiday, you know this won’t stop play.

Loved by both girls and boys, Active Kids says this is “a wonderful choice for young kids who’ve never played on a team before”.

One of the reasons it is so popular is it is a great introduction to team sport, with children typically getting to grips with skills before competing against each other in matches.


  • Dance

The colder months are the ideal time to hone dance skills, as classes take place indoors. Send your little one to dance camp this half-term, and let them have fun learning new steps or trying different styles of movement.  

As Halloween is just around the corner, students can have fun dressing up, do streetdance to spooky songs, make up a ballet to classical tunes or choreograph a tap routine to iconic tracks, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


  • Swimming

After pools were closed for such a long time during the pandemic, many children lost some of their confidence in the water. That is why this half-term could be the ideal opportunity to practise front crawl and back stroke to make up for lost time.

Several pools and leisure centres are offering week-long camps as a fast-track way of achieving grades, or you could simply take the family out for a splash and have fun exercising in the water together. 

If there are opportunities to try out a sport such as water polo, it is worth taking advantage of it. According to Active Kids: “Athletes need both speed and strength to keep their bodies above water and engaged with the game, and the sport is a great cardiovascular workout.”


  • Activity camps

If your kids are full of energy and you know 60 minutes of running around won’t be enough to keep them satisfied (and calm) this half-term, why not enrol them in activity camps?

There are plenty being held around the country that include a range of games for children, such as hockey, martial arts, netball, water-based games, climbing and many more. The activities are chosen depending on the age of the children, offering something different every day to keep youngsters interested and engaged.

What’s more, as well as enabling your youngster to have a great time, they also provide childcare, so you can continue to work during the half-term break.


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