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The 5 Best Air Jordan Sneakers of All Time

In 1984, Nike, then a struggling running shoe manufacturer, was looking to rebrand itself as a go-to legal for sportswear and made the decision to team up with rookie basketball player with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan.
The partnership is now legendary, as are the 35 different models of Air Jordan shoes in the market, soon to be 36 with the release of the Air Jordan XXXVI, helped along by such iconic designers as Peter Moore and Tinker Hatfield. We have a look a the five best Jordan sneakers, all of them different, and all pushed the boundaries of sneaker design.
Air Jordan I (1985)
The one that started it all, and while there could be many arguments over which shoe made the biggest impact on sneaker culture, if the Air Jordan I isn’t up there, then something’s wrong! From the then-revolutionary air cushioning to the wings logo that represented the high-flying rookie, the AJ1 continues to be the holiest of grails among collectors.
Air Jordan III (1986)
The AJ1 might be hard to top, but the Air Jordan III comes close. It was the first shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield, who took over from Peter Moore. Hatfield continues with the Swoosh-free design, making Air Jordans into a category of their own, but he added elephant print panels to the black or white uppers.
But what really puts the shoe in the pantheon of greats is the introduction of Jordan’s gravity-defying silhouette as the logo, now known as the Jumpman.
Air Jordan XI (1995)
By 1995, Michael Jordan was the biggest sports star on the planet. He returned to basketball after a two-season stint in Major League Baseball, then winning his fourth NBA championship title, and was named MVP.
He also cemented his position in pop culture after starring in Space Jam, and the sneakers he wore in the film, the Air Jordan XI were instantly iconic, with black patent leather mudguards, webbing lace loops, and a translucent outsole.
Air Jordan IV (1989)
The AJ11 might have had a starring role in Space Jam, but the first to grace the silver screen was the Air Jordan IV, appearing in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing.
The IV featured a new lacing support system, called ‘wings’ and mesh netting on the tongue and side panels. It was also made to be much lighter to simulate the feeling of flight.
Air Jordan II (1986)
Stuck between two of the arguably best sneakers in history, the AJ1 and the AJ3, the Air Jordan II suffered from being the ‘middle child’ for many years. The show has found favour in more recent times among fans, who went for the luxury details, including made-in-Italy construction and faux-lizard skin. In addition, the shoe lost the Swoosh, paving the way for the boundary-pushing AJ3.
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