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The Least Liked Air Jordans Ever

Michael Jordan is one of the most beloved basketball players ever and his pioneering shoes have evolved and transformed over the past 35 years, creating some of the greatest and most desired rare Jordans for sale in history.
However, when you release so many different sneakers, each with innovations, different colourways and style inspirations, they can’t all be winners. For every shoe as iconic as the Jordan III, Jordan VI and Jordan XII, you get some unbelievable airballs like the following shoes.
Air Jordan VIII
Most early era Jordans are timeless shoes that have seen an exceptional second or third life in retroing, but unfortunately after the exceptionally influential and popular Jordan VIIs (as marketed by Bugs Bunny), the follow up that coincided with the first three-peat left a lot to be desired.
It was far heavier, to the point that it became known as the punisher, and had an exceptionally dated design which ties it right back to 1992, with a carpet Jumpman and crisscrossing straps.
Air Jordan X
The Jordan X, released in 1994 was one of three released after Jordan retired for the first time.
However, whilst the IX had the novelty of being a baseball shoe-inspired sneaker, and the XIs were the first notable Jordans he wore on his return (and true to form netted him yet another NBA fine), the Xs were just there.
It didn’t help that they were designed to be a commemorative shoe, featuring all of Jordan’s basketball achievements right around the time when he returned in the 45 and made them redundant.
Air Jordan XIX
The first shoe released after Jordan’s final retirement after his stint with the Washington Wizards, the XIX were apparently inspired by the black mamba (the snake, not Kobe Bryant), and had sleeving akin to that stuff you put over plastic pipes.
Theoretically, it was meant to make the shoes lighter and not require laces, but they were an odd design move and combined with Jordan being definitely retired at this point hurt sales.
Air Jordan 2009
Not only do these Ray Allen-endorses shoes lack the numeral system but they also lack a lot of the showmanship that makes for a truly great sneaker.
Inspired by fencing, as well as His Airness’ defensive skills, the shoe has unfortunately been lost in the shuffle as a largely unspectacular shoe both to see and to wear.
Air Jordan XX
Most Air Jordans tend to have some distinct inspiration, either based on animals, Jordan’s hobbies at the time or fast cars or other sports. However, there are times when this inspiration goes too far.
Enter the Jordan XX. After the less than ideal XIXs, the XXs were inspired by cycling shoes, which probably seemed fine in 2005 when the shoes were released but the reputation of competitive cycling has taken something of a hit since.
Air Jordan XV
Undisputedly the worst Jordan ever and one of the few actual bad Jordan shoes in the entire line, these X-15-inspired shoes are seen as either daring and bizarre or truly hideous, with a jutting tongue that was meant to make people remember MJ’s signature taunt.
However, these shoes were not just awful looking but were also tremendously awful shoes. They were made with woven Kevlar fibre and were exceptionally stiff and uncomfortable as a result, with an awful inner bootie.

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