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The Most Popular Sneakers Of All Time

It’s no secret that the sneaker market is saturated with hundreds of different brands and styles of sneakers. They are ever-evolving and changing to fit in with new trends, but some classics have stayed popular and remain loved to this day.

Some of the old faithfuls have been released, re-released and re-released again in new colourways, cuts and shapes as the years have passed and we as consumers have loved every shoe that came our way. Here are just a few of the most loved sneakers of all time. 

Nike is one of the most popular sneaker brands on the market and the Nike Air Jordan has been well-loved by everyone. Originally produced in 1984, it has stayed a strong contender for the world's most popular shoe for the past almost 40 years and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Sticking with Nike, the Nike Air Force 1s have been on the radar for years and nothing beats a crisp new pair of white AF1s. Versatile, fashionable and a perfect fit for everyone, regardless of age and personal style, AF1s are one of the most popular trainers in the world.

Converse, chucks, all-stars. Whatever you like to call them, they are not a household staple and almost everyone owns at least one pair. Originally designed in 1922, the classic converse shoe has stood against the test of time and stayed fashionable for nearly 100 years. 

Love them or hate them, Adidas Stan Smiths are a firm favourite and have been loved for many years. The classic clean-cut, no-nonsense shape has been released in many different colourways and has been loved by many since 1965. It’s a classic, easy-to-wear shoe that anyone can pull off. 

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