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Trainers Overtake Heels And Brogues In The Workplace Wardrobe

The unstoppable rise of the trainer as the go-to footwear of choice shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, according to a recent article in The Guardian, two-thirds of Britons now wear trainers in the office.

As many of us have got used to the comfortable attire of homeworking over the last two years, the trend for less formal wear is spilling over into the workplace. Pre-pandemic, only the creative industries tended to endorse a jeans and sports shoe work combo, but now it seems that casualwear is gaining a more sector-wide acceptance.

Although commuters walking between the train station and the office in their flats was a common sight, most of us kept a pair of work heels or brogues under the desk to change into. However, as combining the suit and trainer has become normalised by everyone from TV presenters, politicians, and businesspeople, the look no longer raises an eyebrow.

The average person does not just have one or two pairs of trainers anymore. In fact, they have an average of seven pairs, as styles have evolved to serve different purposes. Sports shoe technology is now so sophisticated, and the boundaries between sport and fashion have become so blurred, that making a new purchase requires some research!

For those of us selecting footwear for mainly aesthetic purposes, the most popular styles are the retro classics of the 70s and 80s. The sleek and simple designs tend to look better when worn with more formal clothing, such as suits and tailored trousers. They are the perfect combination of effortless style and comfort.


What are the must-have retro trainers right now?

When you are choosing footwear that’s going to work across the office, a trendy bar, and for a comfortable walk home, you can’t go wrong with classic old-school sneakers. Here are some of the most popular looks of the moment, which will go with almost any outfit.

Nike Air Jordan 1 in the two-tone red and black made famous by Michael Jordan are one of the most sought-after retro sneakers, if you are looking for rare Jordans for sale. They can be pricey in this model, but other colours and editions remain affordable.

Adidas Gazelle is a classic design that was first launched in 1966. The low-profile suede uppers and iconic three-stripe trademark never look dated, and work well with most outfits. Once designed for football, they are now a streetwear shoe, available in a wide range of colours.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are possibly the most celebrated retro sneaker among both fashion and sporty types. Originally a canvas basketball shoe dating back to the 1920s, the Reebok Club Cs are a simple white tennis pump that were highly popular in the 1980s, and are now enjoying a revival. For those who prefer their trainers to be all-white, these are the go-to model for effortless streetwear-cred.

overall look has barely changed at all, with its distinctive high top, white cap, and white laces. The perfect vintage footwear for the fashion conscious.

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