Why The Nike Air Max Solo Is A Throwback To The 90s

Why The Nike Air Max Solo Is A Throwback To The 90s

If you love retro footwear like Men’s Nike Air Max 90 shoes, it is fair to see you will be interested whenever Nike comes out with another product in the Air Max line. But that interest will no doubt be multiplied if it has clear retro elements to it.

That is exactly what is on offer with the latest Air Max, the Nike Air Max Solo Silver Light. GQ Magazine has been swift to spot just how much of the 1990s Air Max heritage has been built into it.

The magazine stated: “While the finer details have yet to be released, even at a glance from official imagery, you can spot plenty of details that have been borrowed from icons past.

Among these was the light silver panelling, which provided “1995 Air Streak Lite vibes”, or the “subtle lines and grooves” of the single air bubble in the sole that it describes as an “element taken straight from 1991's Air Max 180”. It also compared the ribbed heel badge to that found on the more contemporary Air Max 90.

The review noted that this is not even the first Air Max produced this year, with the Air Max Pulse launched in the spring also coming with some retro elements.

Evidently, it seems Nike has hit on a pattern with the Air Max range that could see a string of new products, each providing a bit of retro.  

Indeed, Complex recently reported that the original Nike Air 180, the ‘Ultramarine’ is to make a comeback next year, bringing back to life the original that Michael Jordan wore with the US ‘Dream Team’ at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

The article said contacts at Nike leaked the news out, with the release set to be a limited edition model, but the maker refused to respond to requests from Complex for comments. But if it’s true, it suggests that there is a lot more to come from the Air Max range.

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