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Will Fitness Trends Change After Lockdown?

Gym-goers saw a dramatic change to their fitness routine after lockdown was implemented at the end of March, forcing them to look for new ways to stay trim and healthy over the last few months.

Although there has been a suggestion from the government that gyms and leisure centres could begin opening up from July, some fitness fanatics might decide they have found alternative regimes that are just as effective.
According to Reebok, some trends could remain popular after lockdown comes to an end, including:
1)      Instagram Live fitness sessions
Since everyone has been stuck at home, exercise sessions on Instagram Live have grown in popularity. This is ideal for those who are not sure about tuning into large, online classes where they would have to film themselves.
Personal trainer George Pearse at Fresh Fit London was reported by Metro as saying: “The rise of Instagram live sessions has seen the public exposed to a huge range of different options.”
He added: “While you aren’t physically sweating side-by-side on the mats with other people, it doesn’t mean workout together is not possible in quarantine. Even streaming by yourself, you feel as though you’re working out with others.”
2)      Yoga
While yoga has been popular for years, many people have only started the practice since being in lockdown to help them cope with their mental health.
Indeed, according to Mind, 60 per cent of people in England claim their emotional state has worsened since being in lockdown. Despite this, 31 per cent have not sought any help, as they did not regard their condition as serious enough.
It stated: “While information to support those struggling is available online, some people may not be aware or able to access it.”
Although some people might be reluctant to seek professional help, the mental health charity suggests things they can do at home to improve their emotional wellbeing. This includes staying active by dancing to music, taking part in seated exercises and following online workouts.
It also recommends finding ways to relax, such as taking up arts and crafts, colouring in, writing, practising meditation or Mindfulness, and doing yoga. 
George Pearse, personal trainer at Fresh Fit London, said: “Yoga will continue to grow in popularity as people explore new, exciting methods of moving their bodies and calming their minds.”
3)      HIIT
While lots of people might be used to running on the treadmill or attending spinning classes, they have had to find alternative methods of burning fat.
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become the most popular fitness trend recently, with fitness fans being able to do this from the comfort of their own living room or even their garden.
According to Reebok’s Fitfluence report, there has been a 57 per cent rise in the number of Google searches for HIIT over the last four months, while there has been a 75 per cent growth in the articles written about it in 2020.
MittFit personal trainer Joe Mitton said: “The soar in popularity will continue post-lockdown now that people have seen the benefit and created the habits.”
4)      Running
When lockdown was first introduced, the only thing the public were allowed to do was go out for a daily exercise. As a result, many people turned to running to stay fit, as it also enabled them to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air.
If you want to continue with jogging after restrictions ease, make sure you have the right running trainers to help your feet stay in good condition during long sprints.

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