Jogger tying shoelace

Health Benefits Of Running Vs Other Exercise

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for your heart, helps to burn calories, strengthens bones and muscles, and improves brain health. However, what are the specific benefits of running over other forms of exercise?

One of the biggest advantages of running regularly is the cardiovascular improvement, with a study revealing that jogging for as little as five to ten minutes every day results in a marked reduced risk of death

While other forms of workouts, such as resistance training, does not focus on heart health, running particularly improves cardiovascular fitness. 

The Journal Hypertension also revealed that 30-minute runs can reduce blood pressure in those who are older or overweight.

Despite its reputation for being bad for joints, Runners World debunks this and claims “running won’t wreck your knees”. 

On the contrary, it states jogging can strengthen joints and research has shown that older runners have higher bone mineral density than those who do not run. 

Most forms of exercise have been shown to improve mental health, thanks to the release of endorphins. However, running is especially effective at boosting mood.

Clare Stevinson, a senior lecturer at Loughborough University, told Live Science: “Regular running interventions have often led to improvements in mental health outcomes in healthy adults and those with mental illness.”

Not only does it provide the endorphin rush, but running outside can help connect people with nature and allow them to benefit from fresh air. 

The best part about running though is being able to slide on a pair of limited edition women’s trainers and head out whenever you want to, without worrying about a commute or paying for a gym membership.