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Adidas To Launch Mushroom-Based Leather Range

Sportswear giant Adidas has committed to growing its plant-based range and to increase the use of sustainable materials across its entire product portfolio to meet its sustainability goals for 2021.

In addition to making 60 per cent of all its products from recycled materials, the company has revealed a plant-based leather, recycled cotton and a climate-friendly sneaker, made from mycelium, the thin, root-like structures of mushrooms, according to Live Kindly.

With the announcement of its slate of new sustainability initiatives for 2021, Adidas has pledged that over half of all its products will be made using sustainable materials. The global brand says that 60 per cent of the materials will come from recycled polyester, which is an increase from its 50 per cent target made in 2020, or from sustainably sourced cotton.

It has added that it aims to reach 100 per cent of materials used by 2024.

Kasper Rorsted, CEO of Adidas, said: “We have continued to invest in sustainability initiatives during the coronavirus pandemic and we will significantly expand our range of sustainable products in 2021.

“To this end, for example, we have worked with our suppliers to create the structures that make it possible to process recycled materials on a large scale. Not only does our commitment make Adidas more sustainable, but it also drives the development of the whole industry.”

Other goals that the company has set include using recycled cotton technology and developing plant-based leather with industry partners. This includes a research collaboration with Finnish startup Infinited Fiber, who has developed a circular economic solution that turns discarded textiles into high-quality, bio-based regenerated fibres.

Adidas has not confirmed any other specific partnerships, however, California-based Bolt Threads is expected to be among the collaborators, seeing as Adidas had entered into a consortium to gain access to Mylo, the company’s proprietary vegan mushroom leather material, last year.

Also joining Adidas in the group of fashion heavyweights backing the novel plant-based leather alternative at the time were Stella McCartney, Kering Group and Lululemon.

These materials will be used to expand Adidas’ vegan footwear range, which includes animal-free editions of several iconic 1980s sneaker designs, a plant-based version of its SuperStars, and a 100 per cent plant-based running shoe Forever Floatride GROW, which will be launched through subsidiary brand Reebok.

The sustainability pledges from Adidas are among many similar announcements of sustainability goals from corporations covering everything from finance to fashion, which indicates a clear sign that businesses are under pressure from consumers to take responsibility in the fight against climate change.

The pressure has increased since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, which has highlighted the continued destruction of the natural world.

During 2020, consumers have also proven to be increasingly loyal to purpose-led businesses and are willing to boycott brands that fail to show genuine leadership when it comes to climate action and social justice.

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