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Why Are Sneakers So Popular?

Anywhere you go, you will be surrounded by people wearing sneakers. Jordans, Converse, Air Force… all are staples in the everyday wardrobe of most people on the planet, but why are sneakers the shoe of choice? What makes them so special?

Aside from comfort, durability and wearability, there are many other reasons that sneakers have become such a popular item of footwear. Through the influence of popular icons, sneakers have built up a reputation as the trendy shoe to wear - and we really are spoilt for choice! 

Sneakers originally surfaced as a sports shoe, so obviously they made their way into the wardrobes of top athletes. As with any celebrity, fans will follow their style. So, when sneakers became popular, specifically in basketball, the market blew up.

It wasn’t just in the sports space that sneakers were a hit, however. Musicians adopted the footwear as it was both stylish and comfortable to wear on stage. Converse became a staple in the wardrobes of rock and grunge fans, whereas rappers adopted the likes of Air Force. 

Quickly becoming a key item in street style, brands expanded their ranges, making new iconic styles for the general public and adapting the shoe for everyday wear. Celebrity collaborations with various well-known brands boosted popularity and collectors began to hunt down rare styles. 

Universally, sneakers are loved by all. Almost any shoe store you enter will have their own collections available in various styles and silhouettes with different options available for men, women and children. Luxury fashion brands have also jumped on the trend, creating unique designs to sell with an exclusive price tag. 

Some might argue that the rise in popularity has caused some shoes to become a product of fashion over function. However, it isn’t hard to see that sneakers have remained a popular choice for all the right reasons. Footwear that can be worn by anyone, at almost any time, regardless of gender or class and still be fashionable and on trend is hard to come by. 

Exposure of the footwear style in film and on television has also aided its popularity, with recent shows such as Stranger Things driving demand for classic, retro styles, which has  encouraged brands to remake and remodel well-loved classics and bring them back into circulation. 

This is evidence of the circular nature of fashion in general and that ‘out with the old, in with the new’ is an outdated idea. As we see an increase in vintage style popularity, it may be more fitting to amend this to ‘out with the new and in with the old.’ However, some sneakers have never gone out of style to begin with. 

Converse, in particular, has maintained a steady popularity arc since its arrival and although it has introduced various styles along the way, the classic silhouette has remained a firm favourite. It is still a best-selling shoe and an iconic staple in any wardrobe, young and old, rich and poor. 

Although fashion trends change, it is important to note that the popularity of sneakers hasn’t yet fallen and we are likely to see these shoes gracing our pavements and sports courts for a long while yet. 

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